27 Things God Spoke to Me in 2017

Back in 2016, I received multiple prophetic words about writing from different people all year, but I really didn’t know I had a passion for it until my Pastor, Dustin Bates, called me out during one of Church Eleven32’s Deeper services about not only being a worshiper, but a writer who writes what the Lord has spoken to her.  I used to think that writers had to be scholarly, or write about things that made them sound smart, but I now realize that God was showing me that I have something to say simply because He has spoken to me.

Flash forward to January of 2017 I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to write out my testimony, and though I never intended on starting a blog, it was the only place I could think to post it.  It seemed like no big deal at the time, but now, after an entire year of posting every month (27 blogs in total!), and remembering the words that were spoken over me, I realize that this was God’s will and His perfect timing in 2017.

This may not be for anybody but me, but I have really enjoyed looking back on all that He has spoken to me this year through my writing.  Every blog contains a word that the Lord spoke to me Himself.  I have discovered how much His words keep me alive.  They shape my seasons and accelerate my growth.  When He speaks to me, it shows me that He is with me, and I can get through anything.  Reading over the words He has spoken to me personally makes me realize how much He loves me and that I live to hear His voice.

So, with all of that being said, here are 27 things that God spoke to me that gave me life in 2017.  Feel free to click on any blog that speaks to you!


  1. Why I’m a Christian

God led me to write out my testimony of when I started completely living for Jesus, and I didn’t even realize that it had been ten years!

  1. My Journey into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

God taught me that I used to be afraid of the Holy Spirit, but He loved me so much that He simply waited for me to desire more of Him to bring me deeper.

  1. Here’s to the Ones who Dream (Inspired by La La Land)

God spoke to me that I was created to dream, not regret, and I don’t have to be afraid of not being in the center of His will for my future if I am being obedient to His promptings.

  1. When the Lord Gives and Takes Away

God taught me through a breakup that I cannot accuse Him of wrongdoing because He is incapable of doing wrong, and that He is not afraid of my temporary disillusionment if it leads me into my eternal reward.

  1. Surrender the Building Plans

God gave me a dream and taught me that when I truly surrender the building plans of my life, He will give me more than I even asked for.

  1. Hiddenness

God spoke to me that I was made to live hidden in Him, and when I feel the most hidden, I am actually seen.

  1. The Flip-Side to Hiddenness

He also showed me that I am called to see those who don’t feel seen.

  1. The Mourning of a Great Adventure (+ a song)

After my trip to Scotland, God spoke to me that when things don’t happen in my life the way I expect them to, I have to let go of my expectations and cling to what He IS doing.

  1. Field of Dreams

God showed me that I am His field, building, and fellow worker and He is the One Who is building me, but He has entrusted me with the responsibility of partnering with Him to experience the most growth (to forgive, change my attitudes and perspectives, etc.).

  1. Rejection is a Lie

God told me in the most loving of ways that because Jesus was rejected, I have been accepted, and I can no longer believe the lie that I have been rejected by anyone.

  1. The Humility of Preparation: Esther’s Story

God showed me in the book of Esther how preparation seasons humble us, grow us in favor with God and man and in love for them, and teach us how to lay down our desires and pick up our King’s.

  1. You Were Made to Fly Higher

God taught me that we were never intended to be in control of where God takes us and how He takes us there, but we were always intended to surrender to wherever His Holy Spirit leads.

  1. For the Love of Redemption

God spoke to me that if He allowed something to happen, even if it happened according to my own faulty enacting of the free will He gave me, if He redeemed my very life with His blood, He can and will redeem anything if I surrender it to Him.

  1. Hope Deferred

God told me that He loves me too much to allow me to: settle for a halfway relationship with Him, make what I’m praying for an idol, and miss out on the fruit and blessing of my current ministry while waiting for my prayers to be answered.

  1. You Split the Sea

God taught me through a spontaneous trip to New Jersey and New York and through Exodus 14 that it is not unwise to walk by faith, and it is not unfaithful to walk wisely – I simply must make plans and keep walking until I either get a split sea, or am redirected.

  1. You are a Lighthouse

God told me that I am hit with the most insecurities where I am the most gifted, anointed, and powerful, and showed me how to shine His light confidently.

  1. Fruitful

God taught me that we will all experience pain at some point, but if we allow Him to have His completed work in us through surrendering to His will, it is pain that is purifying us, protecting us, and actually making us more fruitful and able to grow.

  1. Connection over Clarity

God taught me that I would rather have a close connection with Him than perfect clarity of my future.

  1. His Promises are Still Coming to Pass for You

God showed me that to come into the inheritance He so willingly wants to give me in His timing, I must see what I have right now as a part of it.

  1. The Authority to Bless

Over my weekend in L.A. at Bethel’s Heaven Come Conference, God taught me that because I am planted by streams of living water – planted in Him by staying true to His Word and in tune with His Spirit, I have the authority to bless people in His Name!

  1. Exposing the tactics of the enemy

God taught me that the enemy’s two tactics are to steal the encouragement God has already given me, or to prevent me from receiving the encouragement God wants to give me so I must always think on His encouragement, test every spirit, and take time to rest, not stress.

  1. Looking back from 25

In 2016, God showed me the most beautiful prophetic picture of how He was going to work in my life through a lake in Wylie, TX, and I didn’t know that I would be leading worship by it every Sunday over a year later.

  1. Confidence and Contentment

God showed me that if I can believe that He has the absolute BEST for me, and I’m not seeing it all play out yet, then whatever I’m envisioning and expecting must not be good yet!

  1. Talking to God

God taught me that the power of time with Him comes from simply believing that it is worth it, and from His Spirit guiding and teaching me – so no matter my personality or communication style, He accepts me the way I am and wants to hear my voice.

  1. Receiving from Heaven

Some encouragement I got from a BSSM student at Heaven Come Conference: Receiving from God looks like killing comparison, not settling for less or putting a cap on what He is doing, and allowing myself to completely let go of my expectations and opinions to receive what God has for me.

  1. The Cross

God spoke to me that I live to be healed by Him, and no matter what pain I will ever go through, the cross is the proof of my full healing.

  1. The Joy of Thanksgiving

God taught me that as I thank Him in advance for what I know He’s going to do, I will experience His joy because His joy doesn’t just come from a promise fulfilled, but throughout the process of fulfillment in Jesus.


These words from God gave me life in 2017, and I am so excited to see what He’s going to speak to me in 2018.  I love living my life with the knowledge that God is on my side, and that He loves me and will always speak to me, no matter what happens.  I know that He is going to bless me and exceed my expectations.  🙂

I encourage you to look over what God has spoken to you personally this year!  No one knows you or can speak to you the way He does…and He will!


Here’s to 2018!


Blog Pic: Me having the privilege and honor of leading worship at my church’s youth group that I actually used to attend in high school called The Mvmnt.  I didn’t know that I would be leading worship there every other week this year!  🙂

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